Fine chemicals


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Specialists in:

Chirality, enantiomers, stereochemistry and enantio-selective phenomena. Leading experts in Circular Dichroism spectroscopy.

Crystal growth, crystallization screening, optimisation and control. Studies of polymorphism, morphology, salts, co-crystals & solubility in aqueous and organic solvents. Home of CrystalGEM®, the internationally award winning rational crystallization screening technique.

Biomacromolecular analysis (proteins, glycoproteins, DNA), including their secondary & higher order structure, interactions aggregation etc.

Biopharmaceutical analysis (including monoclonal antibodies) in terms of structure and interactions, identification, stability, formulation, comparability, specification failure  and process analysis.

Spectroscopic and physicochemical characterisation, using techniques such as Circular Dichroism, UV-Visible-NIR Absorption, FT-IR, Raman, Fluorescence, including multi-technique approaches.

Data analysis, pattern recognition and chemometrics, for interpreting and rationalising diverse spectroscopic and physicochemical data in terms of the nature and properties of samples.